Fireflychalet Thai Food Restaurant Near Bangkok

Special Promotion

We will give you a special price if you register as a member of website fireflychalet . In case you call us for booking a room just inform our staff about your login user name  that you have registered alredy.


How to register

By default casual visitors are allowed to register  on our website to gain access to additional resources.

Users register yourselves on our website using the "Create an account" link on the Login Form module or the "Register" link on a Login Form page. Once registered, users will log in to our website by entering their username and password using the same form.  

After register you must going to you mailbox , You will get the automatic confirm email and then you must click on the confirmation link.

As a member you will get an information from our website every time we have a new promotion and special discount you will know as a vip member.